Calefy Heating

Power flushing is a process of cleaning out any sludge, debris and dirt that has built up in your boiler, radiators or across the whole central heating system in general.
A high-power flushing machine will be attached to your central heating circulation pump, and a combination of chemicals will then be flushed through the system to break down any debris.
Signs you need a power flush
Any of the following issues may be a sign that your central heating system needs a power flush.
  • Radiators that have cold spots
  • A boiler that is making a banging or knocking noise
  • A boiler that keeps breaking down
  • A boiler that keeps switching on and off
  • Radiators that take a while to heat up
Benefits of power flushing
Here are the numerous benefits of central heating power flushing.
  • Reduction of your energy bills but 25%
  • It can make your boiler quieter
  • Radiator heat is a significantly increased
  • It will improve the efficiency of your system overall
  • Increased circulation throughout your central heating system
  • Extend the lifespan of your central heating system
  • It is a quick and simple process that will give you peace of mind
What if I do not power flush my central heating system?
Your central heating system, like everything else within your home, will need regular maintenance. Power flushing is part of central heating maintenance, but here is what you can expect if you do not power flush your central heating system.
  • The circulation throughout your system will become slow, and radiators will begin to take a long time to heat up, as well as having cold patches when they do
  • Your central heating at the system will become much less efficient, and you will notice this in your monthly fuel bills
  • You might find that you are paying an increased amount when it comes to repairing costs for your boiler and radiator system when a power flush will have helped the issue
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